We Love What We Do

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We Love What We Do

It is a very pleasant and distinctive feeling to get help from someone who loves what they do. Rental management you experience at NWP. will always be stellar because we have a great team who are passionate, committed and waiting to help you and your tenants.

Everyone knows how different it feels to get help from someone who loves doing what they do, and how it feels to be helped by someone who is grudgingly doing what they have to do because it is their job. We assure you that your experience with all of the staff at NWP is always a pleasure – because we have a great staff, a great team, and we enjoy every minute of it.

One of the biggest challenges in this business is turnover. It is a high-stress industry and if not managed well, staff get burned out and leave. What this means to an owner is that there is no continuity or long-term knowledge of your building and there is no long-term contract with whom you develop a longstanding relationship of trust. A manager that has been working with a building for many years understands its quirks much like one understands an old friend.  At NWP we not only carefully hire people passionate about what they do, we nurture the passion and work together as a team to ensure longevity and continuity in management.

At NWP, our team approach is unique. We get to know each other’s building issues so we can take over seamlessly with each other in case of emergency.  This allows us to help out when shorthanded, but it also allows us the freedom to go on vacation without stress knowing we have each other’s backs, preventing burnout.  This is a huge difference from our competitors who assure you they have others to chip in, and then all they do is provide you a list of vendors and contractors to call in case of emergency. At NWP we help each other and go the extra mile to make sure all of our clients and their properties are taken care of. Our staff return refreshed year after year – and the longevity our staff enjoy at NWP is unheard of. Our unique style of teamwork is unrivaled in our industry.

Instead of telling you how much our staff love the Real Estate business and how much they enjoy working at NWP, we’ll let them tell you in their own words.